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The English Club of the KV Basle was founded in 1872, to give its members an opportunity to use their English.

We're a motley crew that has one thing in common: the love of the English language. We come from different countries as Switzerland (most of us) but also Germany, Japan, Venezuela, Finland... and we all want to keep our English up-to-date. Everybody is welcome, we cater for all levels except absolute beginners.

We meet once a week, and under the supervision of our leader (who has to be a native speaker) train the different language skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. We have, for example:

  • Video evenings (BBC News, documentary or movie)
  • Translation evenings
  • Grammar evenings
  • Short stories
  • Newspaper reading
  • Talking stories
  • Games evenings ..........and many more

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